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Bhartiya Gramin Punarrachana Sanstha (BGPS)

Bhartiya Gramin Punarrachana Sanstha (BGPS), Aurangabad is one of the leading institution in marathawada region which providing KG to graduation education. B.G.P.S. has catering for excellence in management, Engineering and general education to meet future needs of India.

Bhartiya Gramin Punarrachana Sanstha (BGPS), Aurangabad was established in the year 1984 with an aim of imparting education and training the students to cop up with the latest technological advancement and to enable the youngster to compete with other in global arena.

Taking this into account B.G.P.S. has resolved in 2018-19 to start Srinath college of Art’s, Commerce and Science, at Bajaj nagar, Aurangabad.

Bhartiya Gramin Punarrachana Sanstha (BGPS) is a self-financed trust being run by founder Chairman Shri. J. K. Jadhav.

This trust is now functioning under the valuable supervision of Shri. J. K. Jadhav as a Chairman of the Trust, Shri.Eknath Jadhav as the Secretary ,Shri. V. J. Jadhav, Shri. K. M. Bhade, Shri. A. B. Jadhav, Mrs. H. E. Jadhav, Shri. D. A. Bhalekar, Shri. V. K. Bodkhe and Shri.V.K.Kasbekar are presently as the members.

Institutions under trust (B.G.P.S)

  • Raja ShivajiVidyalay,Bajajnagar, Aurangabad.
  • Raja shivaji Primary School, Bajajnagar, Aurangabad.
  • Raja Shivaji Higher Secondary Vidyalay, Bjajnagar, Aurangabad.
  • Raja Shivaji English Medium, 1st to 10th, Bajajnagar, Aurangabad.
  • Sant Bahinabai Primary,Secondary& Higher Secondary School, Shiur, Aurangabad.
  • Vivekanad Vidyalay, Garaj, Aurangabad.
  • ManubaiVidyalay,Manegaon, Aurangabad.
  • Chatrapati Shahu Vidyalay,Vaijapur, Aurangabad.
  • Raje Sambhaji English school,Vaijapur, Aurangabad.
  • Rajshree Shahu MBA College,Chikalthana MIDC, Aurangabad.
  • J.K.Jadhav Institute Of Technology,Chikalthana MIDC, Aurangabad.
  • Maharashtra ITI, Chikalathana MIDC, Aurangabad.
  • Hi-Tech College of Management & Computer Science, BajajNagar, Aurangabad.
  • Hi-Tech Engineering College, Bajajnagr, Aurangabad.
  • Hi-Tech Advance Career Center, Bjajnagar, Aurangabad.
  • J.K.Knowledge Center Wadala, Mumbai (Jr.Kg to P.G.)
  • Shree Sai Engineering College, Parbhani.
  • M.I.M.R. College, (MBA), Satara, Aurangbad.
  • J.K.Jadhav Instititue of Technology, Paithan, Aurangabad.
  • Shree SaiInstititue of Management,Chikalthana MIDC, Aurangabad.
  • Jivanvikas Mahavidyalay (Arts,Commerce,Science),Shivur, Aurangabad.
  • B.G.P.S. Adhyapak Mahavidyalay, Mumbai.
  • Srinath College of Pharmacy, Bajaj Nagar, Aurangabad.
  • Aurangabad Public School, Bajaj Nagar, Aurangabad.
  • Srinath College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Bajaj Nagar, Aurangabad.