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Shri. E. K. Jadhav
Secretary B.G.P.S, Aurangabad

Dear Students,

Bhartiya Gramin Punarracha Sanstha (BGPS) has played a really important role in professional and technical education in Marathwada region of Maharashtra . Also by observing the increasing opportunities of youth in competitive exams, industry and other civilized sectors. BGPS has established Srinath college of Arts Commerce and Science, Bajajnagar, Aurangabad .The mission of BGPS is to help the region to improve their life and to superior public policies. It seeks to do this through producing effective man power who will pioneer new developing India and set new standards; through producing teachers and researchers who will generate new ideas of International significance. We realize that in today’s world, it is more vital than ever before that students graduate with an education that will prepare them for life-long learning and global citizenship. We are helping to produce well-educated and civilized man power that can operate efficiently across the globe, who can excel in a multi culture environment, and who can negotiate confidently across culture. Further, we have to benchmark ourselves on a global scale with the best engineering, Social Science, commerce, science institutions and become the institutions of choice for the best students residing all over country. This is a big challenge indeed, knowing the potential of faculty we have no doubt that this objective will be achieved and exceeded.